Make Money From Android Application Development- Your Quick and Easy Way to Go Self Employed

Android Application Development make money

Is it Like Other Work From Home Schemes?

If you had spent some time in the internet searching about online money making, part time job or anything like that, I’m sure that you’ve landed on several pages that promise you to make you rich within next one week or even the very next day. I can assure you that over 95% of those pages you visit are real scams and whom gonna be rich is not you, but them, the real scam artists.

Know nothing- Do nothing- and Get Rich is the theme of most of the scams. They tell you that, to make money, you have to know nothing about computers or internet, you have to work only one or two hours from home and make $100 or $1000 a day, or just build a website- do nothing and huge amount of cash will come into your bank accounts. Those who gave a try have more or less the same experience-loss of money and time of course. You have to keep in mind that nothing comes free in this world and there is no easy money in the internet. And if you came here expecting that this is a Get-Rich-Quick method, then I’m sorry, I know no magic to make you rich overnight. All that I can offer you is a legitimate scam-free method to make money by working from home, not a get-rich-quick method.

Another unfortunate thing about home-based work seekers is that, many websites make them believe that blogging is the easiest way to make money online. They start to blog expecting huge amounts of traffic and money. After a few days, because of no traffic, they give up. This is the most disastrous thing about new bloggers. Blogging is not at all an easy method to make money, once it was, about 4-5 years when the concept of blogging was gaining popularity. Now the internet is flooded with blogs and it is now the hardest way to earn money from internet. But I won’t say that you can’t, but only with much patience and persistence.

It doesn’t mean that it is not possible to earn money by working of your own. There are still many scam-free ways by which you can earn money online, but the truth is that nothing of them pay you well, you have to work hard and won’t get paid enough for your work. Isn’t there any methods by which, you can work from home and make sufficient income??

Here is a golden opportunity for all who want to become self-employed. Working from home hasn’t ever been easier than this. I’m talking about Android Application Development. Many developers are making millions only by developing Android Apps.

Why Develop for Android ?

The real question should be asked is why not develop for android? There are many reasons you should develop for Android. Android has a share of about 58% in the smartphone market according to latest statistics. And moreover it is the fastest growing smartphone platform. Therefore Android development is future proof, means that its Boom is not going to diminish in the future.  And in the Tablet market, android has a share of 38%. But the number of android apps built for Tablets remain in the low hundreds even now. That means there is a scarcity of Android Tablet apps and it opens a great opportunity for developers.

There is no review process in the Android app Market. You can publish your apps as soon as you built and tested it, and it will be available for the millions of android users worldwide. You can add any app you build to the market, there is no minimum requirements for an app to get published in the market.

For iPhone development, the developers need to use Objective-C. It is not a widely used language and it has practically no use other than Apple Development. Here comes the importance of Android development. It uses the Java- the most powerful, most popular and simplest language ever.  Because of its popularity the resources available to learn Java is readily available for free.

 How To Start Development?

It’s not a get-rich-quick method but requires knowledge about computers, internet and mobiles, programming skills and a little marketing techniques. Don’t worry, it’s not hard as you think. You can skip the first requirement as you already possess it and that is why you are here now. And second- the programming skills, you need not be an expert in programming, but only expected to have some basic programming knowledge in Java.

If you don’t know Java programming, I can help you. There are plenty of Java resources available in the internet for free. And here is a list of Java books that I’ve found suitable for beginners. I know, you might be thinking at this moment that it will take years to learn Java and start developing for Android. No need to worry. Java is simple, trust me. Java is the simplest language to learn and it will take just 2 or 3 days to learn those parts of java which is required for Android programming (if you really want to).

After you have made a base in Java programming, you can dive into the Android programming world. The best and most effective tutorial to start Android development is the official Android Developers Guide. And there are some useful books also. I think, the best method to learn any language is by analyzing some example programs, as in this case too. There are some example projects in the official Android developers tutorial and is great to learn from. Download the SDK from Android Developers site, install Eclipse and setup IDE and do some programming of your own. (I’m not explaining here how to download and setup the IDE as it is covered in every books and tutorial websites). You don’t need to have an Android handset to start programming. There is a full featured Android Virtual Device with the SDK. You can configure your AVD to match with the profile of any Android Device and run your programs on it. But I advise you to have an android powered handset as there is some limitations for the AVD. But it is not is not a mandatory requirement. As your programming works gets more and more serious, get a physical device.

Once you get comfortable with the SDK and programming, it’s time to make an App. This is where the real game begins. According to latest reports, there are 400,000 of android apps in the Android Market. Don’t get discouraged by the number. The truth is that most of the Apps in the Android Market are real craps. You can make your App downloaded by thousands. But how?? It’s simple, offer your users something worthy. Your App need not be a great one to make it a hit in the market. But it needs to be different than others. Think- think-think and make a killer app idea. It’s the key factor leading you to success. Offer something different that others are not giving. Best method is to research in the Android App Market. When an idea strikes in your head go and search the market to see whether there is already some apps of that kind. If there are some, then install those and use it. If you still think you can build your app in a better way or add some extra features (it needs to be worthy) the go ahead with your idea. Otherwise drop that idea and go on thinking.

Publish And Monetize

Next step is to determine how to monetize (means how to make money from) your app. You can make your app a paid one, fix its price and publish it in the market. Whenever a user buy your app, Google credits the 70% of the money to your account. There is a purchase refund system in Android (within 15 minutes after purchase) and if the user finds your application not worthy, they will claim for a refund. Statistics show that about 68% of Apps in the Android Market are free.  Therefore paid apps are a bad idea if your app is not that great. Next method to monetize is to go for Advertisements. You can give a space in your app to show advertisements. There are several ads providing systems like Google-Ad Mob, InMob, Madvertise etc. They all give you advertisements and pay you for each view or click by the user of your app. Ads are now the most important and common way to monetize your apps. It can bring you good amount of revenue from your app.

Final step is publishing of your Android App in to the market. You need to pay a Developer fees to obtain a license to publish your apps. It’s a one-time fee of $25 and in future you can publish as many apps you want with that. You have to add some screenshots and description about your app. Do all that in the most appealing way. Wait and see how users respond. If someone report bugs, fix those as fast as you can. It’s so important because a buggy app always receives bad rating.

Now you’re all set. If users are satisfied with your app they will give you a good rating and comments. That makes others to download it and eventually thousands will download your app and you will be making good revenue from it. All that you need to do in future is to add features and release updates.

The Objective of this article is only to give you an introduction about a legitimate way to make money, which has extreme potential in the future. All you need is a strong will and a little handwork, success will follow.

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7 comments on “Make Money From Android Application Development- Your Quick and Easy Way to Go Self Employed

  1. Not True. I’ve been developing Android APP on side for past two years.
    “Google Play/Admob” they are the one makes money, not the developers.
    Let’s get it straight, there are over 700,000 android apps, getting audience for your APP is like finding needle on a Waikiki beach.
    If you wrote this article in 2008, Yes. As you mentioned about blog, you are only 3 yo 4 years behind on the subject.

  2. It is very difficult to make money with Android apps as there is huge competition, huge cut by Google on profits (30% +20 $each submission of an application) and because the users of Android are not willing to pay for apps (the advertisement model does not work well either).

  3. yes, the advertisement model does not work well is it possible the peoples buy the apps in this free apps world

    how to earn by giving the app for free to user without adds or admob or adsense
    it is possible or not in android market like playstore or itunes or ovi

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