Cheap Android Phones in 2012

Cheap Android phones makes it possible for the low budget peoples to hold an amazing OS which was earlier seen only in high end smartphones. Recently Android powered devices are available in the market for price even less than $100. Now, in the beginning of 2012 we are witnessing a steady flow of cheap Android phones hitting the market. It is because of the open source nature of the Android OS that makes this possible. OEMs need not build their own OS for their handset, there’s an already proven powerful open source software available for anyone to use. That’s why we are seeing same OS powering high end devices like Galaxy Nexus or Razr Maxx, on the entry level devices. Continue reading

Android Development – Configure Wi-Fi Networks in Android

In Android development, you can programmatically configure the wireless connectivity of you android devices. Let’s find out how to do that, Android comes with a number of system services that are always on, and running and readily available for Android Developers. In Android Development, like all other systems services, provides an API for managing all aspects of the Wi-Fi Connectivity. WifiManager (package name: is the class which provides the primary API for the WIFI services. An operation for network connectivity can be done using the ConnectivityManager class (package name: Continue reading

Android Development using Email Client in Android

How to do Android development using Email Client? This article covers the implementation of the Email Client in Android development. This article covers how to use the Email Client in Android to send Email from the Android Phone.

For the proper Android development and testing, it’s advisable to install these softwares on your machine.

  1. Eclipse Galileo 3.4 or higher versions
  2. Android SDK 1.5 or higher versions
  3. Android Development Toolkit Continue reading

Camera Access in Android Development

Camera Access in Android Development- this article will help the developer to understand the camera access and will show how to take picture using applications in Android.

How to Access Camera in Android Application- Sample Program

To access the camera hardware, you need to add the CAMERA permission to application manifest Continue reading

Activity Communication in Android

How to communicate between two Activities in Android?

An Activity represents the main screen for Android application. An application can have any number of Activities. Intents are message passing mechanisms used in Android. The Android Activity class contains different methods that support Activity communication.

The method startActivity(Intent) is used to  invoke one Activity from other Activity. This method accepts an Intent object which specifies the Activity to be started. If the First Activity is expecting some result from Second Activity, a variation of this method is to be used .For example, if you want to start an activity that allows the user to choose a person from the contacts list and when it finishes execution, it will return the selected person. In such cases, the method to be used is startActivityforResult(Intent,int). This method accepts an Intent object and an integer value which is the Request code used to identify the request.  When the child finish execution it should call setResult(int) to send data back to First Activity. The argument of setResult(int) method is the Result code which can have constant values like RESULT_OK (operation succeeded),RESULT_CANCELED(operation canceled) etc.. The First Activity should implement onActivityResult(int,int,Intent) method to receive data send by second Activity, where first argument is the Request code,second is Result code and third is the Intent object. Finally the Second Activity should call finish() method to give control back to First Activity. Continue reading