Install CyanogenMod on Samsung Captivate – Step by Step Guide

 Captivate is a version of Samsung’s Galaxy S released in United States. The device was first launched with android 2.1 and later with 2.2. Here is the step by step guide on flashing your samsung captivate into latest gingerbread version of CyanogenMod by removing the stock android.

Make a backup of all your data and store it in your SD card. It will be better if you make a backup of the SD card on your PC.
The datas may include:

  • Contacts
  • E-mails
  • Applications etc.

Note:To backup your applications, use ASTRO FILE MANAGER

Before you starting the process, download these files. Click on these links and download.
1. SpeedMod Kernel with ClockworkMod Recovery
2. Heimdall Suite 1.1.1
3. Latest Version of CyanogenMod for Captivate
4. Google Apps pack

Extract the SpeedMod kernel and Heimdall Suite.
Place the zip files of CyanogenMod and Google Apps pack in the internal sd card of the device.

1. Power off your samsung Captivate
2. Boot it into the download mode by pressing Volume up & Volume down keys together while connecting it to the computer.
3. Open the folder where you extracted the contents of heimdall suite. Run zadig.exe in the ‘drivers’ folder.

4. Options>>List All Devices
5. In the drop down list, select Samsung USB Composite Device or Gadget Serial.
6. Click Install Driver. If a prompt appears wich shows the installer cannot identify the publisher of the driver, then click ‘Install this driver anyway’
7. In the heimdall folder, open heimdall-frontend.exe

8. Click Browse button under kernel(zImage) section and select the file zImage-Captivate file in the folder where you extracted the SpeedMod archive

9. Click Start Button. A progress bar will run and you will be notified when the process completes. The device reboots.

Now we successfully flashed the ClockworlMod Recovery into the device

10. Take the device and unplug it from the computer and power off.
11. Boot the device into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume up and Volume down keys together while pressing power button.
12. The ClockworlMod Recovery interface appears.
13. Select the option ‘Install Zip From SD Card’

In the ClockworlMod Recovery interface, use volume up and down keys for navigation and power button for selecting.
14. Select the option ‘Choose zip from sd card’

15. Select Yes
16. After installation, go to main menu by selecting +++++Go Back+++++ and reboot the device by selecting ‘Reboot The System Now’
17. When reboots it will boot directly into the android. Follow onscreen instructions.

First boot may take 3 to 5 minutes so be patient.
Repeat the steps 11-16 with zip file of google apps to install the google apps pack
(Disclaimer: Eventhough the above method is tested successfully, The Author bears no responsibilities in case you brick your device by following the above steps)

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One comment on “Install CyanogenMod on Samsung Captivate – Step by Step Guide

  1. I am running CM 7.1 ( Android 2.3.4) in my LG KH5200 andro -1.

    I am extremely satisfied with the CM7, but one irritating thing is “ the IN CALL VLOUME IS VERY LOW” when making call through headphone.

    I heard this issue is been commonly found in the stock ROMS of GALAXY S and other Gingerbread devices.

    All I wanted to ask is, do anyone has come across an issue like this in their Custom ROMs,

    Is there any fix available for the same.

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